Oh The Kitchen!

The kitchen is that special, essential, room of the house. Family gathers, real friends open the fridge without asking … and to be honest the only room we need if we were to survive a zombie attack.

We are all specially connected to our kitchens, but sometimes this might be a hate-love relationship. You hate to look at it but you love what happens around it. If you are ready to go all in and make this relation all about love by renewing your kitchen, or by building it right from the get go, you can’t miss reviewing the latest trends for kitchens this year: Waterfall edges, Furniture pieces and Impact!

Waterfall Edges

Every great kitchen features great counters. Waterfall edges extend the beauty of the stone on a waterfall inspired look, from the counter to the floor.
This type of edge is very versatile and can be combined with traditional or contemporary elements for a timeless look.  It can be used to hide transitions, add storage and/or to create a focal point.

And if its designing plusses are not enough, then will let you in a little secret: it’s a great way to keep your cabinet wall clean from any kitchen action mess, and also to protect it from water. Say good bye to bumps and scuffs and say hi to sleek and forever lasting.

Furniture Pieces

So a kitchen is a kitchen, is a kitchen…or is it?

What if we decided to add pieces and elements from different furniture around the house? Is there a special baseboard look in your house that you would tie in with the kitchen? Or maybe you just like the style of your dining table? Pick the one element that you would like to see in your kitchen and just like that you will add sophistication and uniqueness to your design

Some new hot suggestions are:

  • Baseboards on floor cabinets and islands.
  • Decorative legs on islands. Balances (yes valances!) on over ranges or other open sections where you would like to hide any unattractive electrical items.
  • Decorative supports if what you want to emphasize is the upper cabinets.


This trend is just a confirmation of what we have reviewed before, designs are not cookie cutter anymore, what every kitchen is starving for is an element of drama.

Make the kitchen yours. Make it functional and inviting by adding at least one extravagant element that makes that area an extension of your personality and fabulous conversation subject.

Think of a state of the art cellar, or an extended cook and prep area. Think about that one thing that you dream about and make it yours. And if you can’t really pick just one, we have the perfect fit for you: The 4th wall by Poggenpohl’s. Nothing says luxury like this kitchen and we assure you that this design will create a perfect win for those wanting to go a step above the norm.

Here are a few of the new colours in Poggenpohl world:

As you can see, the one thing you have to remember when designing your new kitchen is: to think outside the box! Forget making a statement solely by relying on door handles and epic appliances, your kitchen as a whole should be able to tell a story.

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